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Welcome to Beihai!
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The amusement in Beihai

The main entertainment in Beihai is bathing, beach sports and night club.


Most hotels have more than two stars have bathing service and charge less than that in other cities, and less lively than the bathing site in Beihai.

Night club

The larger scale night clubs are Sea Star night club in Hotel Shangri-La, Taihe night club in Taihe hotel., Zhongyu club in Zhongyu Hotel, Redbud Flower club in Nanhai, Athena night club in Kaiti Hotel, Dulaozhi night club in Night Paris Hotel, Dream City night club in Huangdu Hotel, Dream city night club in Liyuan National Hotel and Taibei night club in Shihua Mansion. Usually, it charges everyone 18-19RMB a seat with extra drink fees. The common fee of drink wouldn't be more than twice of the fee of seat. It would charge you 50-100RMB to invite a Miss to dance with.

Beach and over sea sports

You can rent football, volleyball, bikes and other sports instruments. Remember not to rent things from informal stores for you can be cheated without knowing. South pearls are the first choice if you want to buy some remembrances. Beihai mart is in the middle of Beibu bay Road, with Hualian Building, Qidong Mart, Xinli Square, Guotong center and other large-scale marketplaces. There are shops specialized selling pearls such as Hengtong, Wenbang, South pearl palace, which is the largest national shop and with promised qualities. If you want to buy dry sea food, the last floor of Sea Food Market in Yunnan Road is the best place.

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