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Welcome to Beihai!
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Food of Beihai

Though small, in Beihai you can find a lots of restaurants. In East Food Street of Northern Bay Street or Dexing Food Street in the south of the square you can eat Guangdong food. There is Sichuan food in Wuzai village. If you are in favor of wild animal meat, Changqinglu restaurant is the best choice. Shangerila hotel is the place you can have western dinner in. You can find the best sea food in Waisha Island in 72 sea food restaurants. The famous regale there are chicken rice, tigerfish soup, salt shrimp, braising Li fish, burned sand worm which is even more delicious than fin, crab cooking with shallot, braizing spiral shell and Pu fish cooking with plums. Niunan noddle and Zhujiao noodle are the best refection in Beihai. And the chicken rice is so tasty so you can not miss it.

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