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Welcome to Beihai!
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The Traveling guide of historical site in Beihai



Date of building

Brief introduction of history

Location and condition now

British consulate site

Main historical sites in close modern time


Britain built its consulate by renting civilian house in 1877 and rise the first flag called "The nation where Sun never set". They built the formal consulate in 1885 which is reserved well. It also is the evidence of "YanTai Treaty".

Now it is an office of teacher.

French consulate site

Main historical sites in close modern time


French built its consulate after Britain and it was in charge of Dongxing consulate business, Portugal's business, running schools and running hospitals. The consulate used to be a occident architecture and was restored to be classic guest room.

Now it is the No.5 building of the guesthouse of the city with the main building restored.

German consulate site

Main historical sites in close modern time


All the trade business of German was charged by British. After 1902, German came and work in the tax department temporary. In 1905, the German consulate was built and is famous for its beautiful design.

Now it is located on the left on the labor business bank and remains perfect.

The Custom building site

Main historical sites in close modern time


n 1876, The Yantai Treaty request Beihai to be one of the open port and establish custom. The custom building was built in1883, which is the evidence of china losing dominion.

Now it is located in The Custom Yard and remains fine.

German Senbao bank site

Main historical sites in close modern time


It was started in 1886, which was in charge of substitution of employing and so on. The building was built in 1891. It is a special architecture.

Now it is located in culture yard of the city and also was kept well.

Weizhou Christian church

Main historical sites in close modern time


It is the earliest church before the revolution, which is Gothic architecture. Its outbuildings are abbey, schools, hospitals and foundling, which took 10 years to be finished. They are the historical evidence of French invading China.

Now it is located in the Sehngtang village and is all right after being repaired.

Weizhou Chengzai church

Main historical sites in close modern time


The establishment of the church was the result of increasing of Catholics. It is of Gothicism and attaching with two-stories abbey house.

Now it is in Chengzai village of Weizhou island and remain a good body.

German Xinyi uion church site

Main historical sites in close modern time


Xingyi uion was also called presbytery whose headquarters was in German. It came into Beihai in 1886 and built a two-stories building, church, school and so on.

Now there is only one building left used as office building of police of city.

Shuangzi building site

Main historical sites in close modern time


The name came from the way of composition with two buildings of same sculpt, which is lived by British boanerges.

Now it stands in south of a big football court with good main body.

Official building site

Main historical sites in close time


It was the office of British "Anli Jian"'s officials, priests, person who superintended some business.

Now it is in nouth of People's hospital of city and in good condition.

Shrike's Jean of Arc school site

Main historical sites in close time


Built by British church with the purpose of educating women to teach them how to read and spell Rome words. The Female Commie commy Zhongzhuyun who died in 1929 had studied inthere.

Now it is east of the basketball court of people's hospital and its main body is in good condition.

Diocesan's building Site in Beihai

Main historical sites in close time


The episcopate came into existence in 1920.Vatican upgraded French priest Eyongchui in Yangjiang church as the first bishop. The premieroffice was in Guangzhou bay. Later it was moved to Beihai.

Now it is in No.1 yard in Park Road and after restoration its main body still look good.

Puren hospital site

Main historical sites in close time


Puren Hospital was the first westen hospital opened by "Anli jian" church, also called British Hospital with attaching organization Puren Lepra Hospital. Aniseed building is a three-stories building with brick construction.

Now it is in People's Hospital of city with fine main body.

Catholicism convent site

Main historical sites in close time


The convent is attachment of catholic episcopate, which firstly located in the house on the right and moved to Beihai in 1925, stopped in 1958. It is the evidence of French building convent in china.

Now it is located in department kindergarten.

Beihai catholic church site

Main historical sites in close time


In 1858, Qing government was forced to sign unfair Tianjin Treaty with Britain and French where British and French priests are allowed to missionize freely in china. This church was built Presiding by the third Abbey who came from French.

Now it is located in nouth of the People's cinema, half destroyed and blocked around.

Hepu Library site

Main historical sites in close time


The library is used by Beihai middle School, which is financed by famous democracy revolutionist and general ChenMingqu. It is a kind of western architecture made by bricks, facing west.

Now it is an Library of Beihai middle school.

Dijiao emplacement

Main historical sites in close time


It was built in early stages of China-French War. There three emplacements made by natural stone and mixed earth. Those emplacements took the effect of deterring the enemy while in the War of 1885 and 1936.

They are located on the main peak and two sides, with only two of them survived.

Guantou mountain emplacement

Old architecture


They are round and made of huge stones, making use of which people can controlling the sea-route of Beihai port. The intrinsic gate, army loculus and powder magazine have all lost.

Now it is on the loin of the mountain, undestroyed.

Sundong grave

Ancient tombs

From Han dynasty to south and nouth dynasty

The statistics show there are 6 bigger graves. Experts think Sundong grave shoud be the attachment of Hepu graves, so they must be built at the same time.

Now they are located in Sundong village Gaode town and are preserved well.

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