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Welcome to Beihai!
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The general situation of Beihai

BeiHai is a beautiful garden city of subtropical shore scene which located in the southern part of China. It is in the northeast bank of Northern Bay, south of GuangXi province. BeiHai has the name of "excellent traveling city in China" and with romantic atmosphere, comfortable weather, as well as charming scenery. Everybody loves staying there. The area of BeiHai is 3337 sq.km, while the population is 1.35 million.2000 years ago, BeiHai was one of the two starting ports of the famous Silk Road on the sea of China. The long open history of BeiHai reinforced its civilization and created a precise treasure on it's traveling business.
BeiHai has plenty of sunshine and rain therefore dense vegetation and plentiful flowers and fruits.
The environment has been well protected. You can find many natural beaches along the island, with clean, well self-purified sea water around whose quality is of the first class national standard. BeiHai also has the cleanest air in our country for it contains 2500-5000 negative oxygen ions per cu.cm, 50-100 times of average city. There were some visitors who had hypertension or asthmatic bronchus found they some sort cured. That's because of those negative oxygen ions by their efficacy such as calming, reducing blood pressure, clearing up and curing wound. For the "natural healthy caring doctor" ions, there are more than 10 nursing homes and many retirees, especially people from northeast, northwest and northern China prefer to spend their rest lives in BeiHai city. According to the statistics, the real estate trade in BeiHai city increased by 16.5% in 2001 and the number of outlanders who came to settle there increased to 97.37%. "Air Brand" makes the realty which was depressed for almost 10 years the spotlight of the city. BeiHai has the same reputation as Zhehai, Weihai and Xiamen, who are perfect inhabitancy in China. Beihai has sea around its three sides, and it seems to be an oxygen bar for free. There are board streets, green trees, blue sea as well as brilliant sunshines and fabulous beach in the city.
The residence sections there with beautiful environment consist of the buildings with both the architecture style of in China and Western. Special style square, sightly natural scene and friendly citizens make BeiHai a charming painting. Zhuxiang culture, Hakka culture and marine inhabitants' culture form the bright local culture impressed all the visitors.

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