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Welcome to Beihai!
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The exhibition information in Beihai

International show of watercrafts namely, baroques and instruments over sea for entertainment in Guangxi of 2005

Type: product current show
Date: 2005.sep.17th-19th
Spot: Exhibiting center in Beihai Gymnasium in Guangxi province

[Exhibiting Date]    1. Rigster time: 2005.sep.15th
   2. Arranging Showing Time: 2005.sep.15th-16th
   3. Showing Time: 2005.sep.17th-19th
   4. Withdrawing Time: 2205.sep.19th. 14:00

[Spot]     Exhibiting center in Beihai Gymnasium in Guangxi province

[The Main Activity of the Meeting]    1. Watercraft technology developing discussion
   2. Inviting famous manufacturers in home and broad to an intercommunion meeting in order to communicate with each other in technology and trade, propagandize and make introduction of productions

[The range of showing]

>>Watercrafts producing
ship manufacturing, repairing, drive equipment, board machine, shipping electrical ware, ship manufacture material and painting materials, ship manufacture equipment, watercraft design software, steel glass ship, environmental equipment of ships, communication navigation equipments, valve and pipe system, wire and cable used in ships. lifesaving, fire controlling and common article for use in ships.

>>Equipments for entertainment and bodybuilding in ships
barge, motorboat, individual cockboat, water-advanced boat, surfboat, oarage, gum boat, gig, electric-advanced boat, boat used on land and water, several-body boat, boat for fishing, athletic sports boat, sailing boat, machinery sail boat, boat for tourism, tour submarine, boat derived by foot and so on.

>>Speed boat and engine boat
hydrofoil boat, earth domino effect boat, hovercraft, small waterline boat, flat botton boat, catamaran, environmental protected boat, engine boat used for port work, patrolling coastguard cutter, fire controlling and saving boat, leading boat, speed passenger boat.

>>Imputus, controlling system, material, and equipment
Engine inside boat, engine outside boat, electro-machine in boat, diesel engine, dynamo, air-condition, gear case, anchor chain, airscrew, transmission equipment, water-advanced equipment, pump, helm and operating system, self-motion helm, hydraulic pressure system, air bed system and equipment, rock-reducing system.

>>Material and articles for living and saving
Architecture material, dressing, tool, small hardware, communication navigation equipment, saving article for use, life establishment, environment facility, boat design, and pier establishment.

>>Equipment, tool, and material for building barge

>>Standard, criterion and publication

>>Design, exploitation, counseling and yacht club

>>Design of yacht, counseling on development of water system in the holiday site, constructuion of yacht club and project of yacht pier.

[The service items]    1. Enter the Proceeding of the showing conference
   2. Handing out tickets for show
   3. Propagandize the exhibition and directionally organize audience
   4. State and Analyze the statistics to audience
   5. Build and break up the standard exhibiting platform
   6. The standard of the exhibition electric(10A,220V)
   7. Remembrance of the exhibition
   8. Clean the site regularly
   9. Offer certifications for the businessman pre-registered
   10. 24hours safeguard
   11. Offer information to the corporation and tail service after meeting

[Procedure of the exhibition] Please fill the form following the "application form" pressed with cachet and fax or mail it to the committee. Send the fee for attending the show to the pointed bank number and fax to 0771-2844554.The committee will send away the acknowledgement once receive the fee. After all the fee are payoff, there come the check in handbook. No fee will be given back if you quit in the middle of the show. Corporations who have finished all the procedure are supposed to mail their LOGO , brief introduction of their corporation(include product, price and quote price)to chinajiaodian@163.com in order to offer service when the holding the show.

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