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Welcome to Beihai!
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The traveling guide of Beihai

Beihai has Silver beach holiday district of national class, two natural protected districts of province class, migratory birds protected districts in Weizhou island, Guantaolin national forest garden, Shankou Red trees natural protected district, mermaid protected district, the cite of white dragon pearl city, Dashi house, Dongpo temple and many other tour sites. Those all make Beihai centered by Silver beach which also with sea, beach, island, lake, forest, mountain, historic site, and culture. Therefore Beihai Silver beach is one of the 5 best holiday sites in China. Six reasons make Beihai irresistible to you. Invincible sea scenery, low consumption, delicious but cheap sea food, convenient transportation, good hotel establishment and it's easy to go to dragon bay in Vietnam.

>>The silver beach in Beihai

The holiday site was established as one of the 12 national class holiday sites through State department in 1992, November, 4th. the district is located in the south of Beihai city, with the area of 22 sq.kmĦ£It has the name of "The best beach over the world" and is one of the 35 trump scapes in China. The Silver beach Park is 8km away form Beihai city. The beach is of 24km long and famous for it's long plain beach, thin white sand, clean warm water, soft tide, no shark and non-pollution.
The clean is really good for caring one's health. The Silver Beach Park has an area of 80 thousand sq.m and 160 thousand sq.m area for bathing which can hold more than 10 thousand people swimming in a time. There is a square of 30buildings which has beach characteristics and is different from each other. There is a huge statu-fall in love with the sea.
Coco trees with south flavor are around the square. Taking advantages of its own superiority, the Silver beach offer lots of special games such as large size bathing site, exciting motor over sea, Kading car which can be easily learned, cool beach Football and exotic flavored dancing: You can not miss it--joining the game or just lying on the beach doing nothing but watching the charming scenery, namely, the sea, the sunshine, the sails and the sky.

>>The star island lake in Beihai

This site is located in the northwest of the Hongchao reservoir 24km away from Hepu town. It is 47 km far from Beihai city and is provincial class scenery site. The site has an area of 92.7 sq.km. with Lingshan town in northeast and Qinzhou town northwest: For the lake of 66 sq.km. is in the area of hill, 1026 islands looks like brilliant stars locating around the lake which extremely like precise emeralds embeded in a silver plate therefore came the name "star island lake".
The weather in the Star Island is comfortable, namely, warm in spring and cool in winter. The lake with broad lake face and deep Water way are rounded by hills which is the paradise of birds and trees including all kinds of fruit trees. Here the hills, the trees, the flowers, the birds are growing in their most beautiful way. The ancient general Zhan grave is in the center of the lake and can be seen faintly. All the beautiful scenery can course the memories and feelings of the ancients.
If you want to find some other services, there are dinning rooms, bars, dancing rooms, meeting rooms, swimming pools, shooting sites, villas, yachts for lovers and fruit garden. Having picnics, fishing and barbecues can be interesting for you.
The Silver beach and Star lake are compensating each other therefore become the hot spot of the traveling business, and a bright pearl of the gold traveling business.

>>The sea product museum and the under sea world

The Beihai park is located in the north of the city and the aquaria built in 1978 is in the A district of the park, being the biggest aquaria for show in china as same as Qingdao aquaria. It has an area of 1600 s.m with 7 showing rooms, aquatic animals' boxes, tortose pool, seal pool. 670 kids of samples of marine lives and more than 2800 samples are showed which contain mermaid samples and the biggest 600 years old turtle that are ranked by the U.N as rare animals need protected. Besides, you can see cetacean bones which weigh more than 5 thousand kilograms, langouste of several kilograms, South Pearl which is of great reputation over the world and living turtle over 100 years old. Visiting the museum just like walking in the world of the sea for there still are several kinds of subtropical fishes.
The under sea world was built in 1999 inside the B district of Beach Park. Here, charming Miss. diving will show you various design of diving and feeding fishes. Sharks who hunting for meet will attack you head-on but there is no danger. The first clairvoyance all directions under sea path in China will show you colorful and supernatural scenery under sea. Still, you can see sunken ancient city of Inga, porcelain in ancient Silk Road, sunken ships during the world war two and more than 300 kinds of fishes from Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

>>Guantouling Holiday site in Beihai

It is 8 km away from central city and has the length of 6 km, which looks like blue dragon lying in the southwest of the city.
The highest peak in a mountain range is 120 meters high and you can see sunrise, sunset, great billows and the beautiful scenery of spotted lights on fishing boats. Where it facing sea there is a fine scene of "Long an chao yin" which you can get to by No.6 bus and the scene is free of charge.

>>Weizhou Island in Beihai

It is located in the southeast sea in Beihai 36 sea miles from the city and is of 65 km long from south to north, 6 km wide from east to west. The area is 25sq.km with the highest altitude of 79 meters. In the island there are 2000 families except garrism, more than 16000 people with 75% Nazarenes. The comfortable air, abundant resource, elegant scenery, warm weather all the year around will impress you deeply, especially it's particular sea corroding, accumulating, lava of volcano and so on. It has the name "DaPenglai" island. Actually, Weizhou Island is made of breaking forth of volcano which is the youngest and biggest volcano island. The south beach of it is charming for collecting whelks and shells while rambling there.
Weizhou Island is the mixture of piles of volcano lava and coral which makes it different from the plane and widen of tge northern part. The characteristics of the island are its beautiful scene such as dense trees, sweet-smelling flowers and special architectures such as Sanpo temple, The Virgin Mary and Catholicism church.
One of the famous 8 scapes there are Guitun Gong Bi, which contain a cave has a turtle like rock inside and a small pig like island called Pig mountain range. Another one is Di Shui Dang Ping, whose first name is Ding Shui rock for there are many trees on the face of the rock and water comes out from cranny of it forming bead shade. Because of the corrosion of sea, the face of the rock looks like a real face of human.

Colorful bents under sea; It is a miracle scene under sea formed by various bent coral from east, west, and north of the island. Through the clean water you can see colorful and bright living coral, as well as acaleph, whelk, starfish and other of all size fishes.

>>Setting Sun Island in Beihai

It is located in southeast of Weizhou Island, made of accumulation of lava. It ha san area of 1.89sq.km and is 9 sea miles from Weizhou Island, 44 sea miles far from the city. From Weizhou island you can see a sunshine covered island there, so people call it SunSetting Island. It also looks like a blooming lotus flower with center sunken and around protruding. Beside the huge cliff by sea you can see corals and shells clearly. The weather there is warm all year around. It is a ideal place for exploration for the puzzling paths, ancient forest, various wild flowers and special scene of sea-corroding, sea-accumulating and dissolved rocks.
On the island lived about 2000 families Hakka, who are really friendly and always keep open doors. There is no market for food for the fish they catched are far enough to eat and there are no thieves on the island. You can enjoy the originality of life on Sun Setting Island.

>>Shankou mangrove natural protected section in Beihai

It is located in the east and west sides of Shatian island which is in the southeast part of Hepu town. The coast lasts for 50kms. The area of it is 8000ha including both 40sq.km triphibian region and sea region and is 115kms far from the city. The State Department authorize to build 5 national sea parks in 1990 Sep and the Mangrove Park is one of them.
Mangrove is viviparity wooden plant only can be found in torrid zone and sub-torrid zone. The kind of mangrove there is really rare and precise in China. Most of them are distributed on sands and depend on periodicity swinging of sea water. The characteristics of the wood, the root system and the seeding are of great viewing value. Mangroves have a name "forest over sea" for long as they are supernatural and appear when water ebbing, disappear when rising. The section joined the protected network of UNESCO organization.
Shankou mangrove park has plenty of sunshine and heat. The lough gose deep to inside continent therefore has little pollution. There are Red hailan, Qiuqian, Mulan which is the only survivor in Guangxi province, Donghua 12kinds of mangroves in all. There are also Ni crab, Shou whorl, Zhaochao whorl, Xiangshou whorl, drum shrimp and other marine animals. The park is a perfect inhabitance of the mermaid and cowfish who are the national first class protected animals as well as some seabirds such as egrets. In this section you can see a miracle scene of jumping fish climbing trees and sea snake dancing inside mangroves.

>>White dragon pearl site in Beihai

It once was producing sign of South Pearl, but what now left is the site of the ancient Pearl City which is the Yingpan town Tieshan district, 60kms from Beihai city. This is an old city located in White Dragon village in Yingpan town. Its name came from a old-fashion story. Long age, white dragons came and disappeared on the ground. People there consider it was an auspicious place for befalling of the dragon, and built a city called White Dragon city. There teem with pearls and famous for being called "South Pearl". The fairy tale returning the Hepu Pearl happened there.
It is a square city, 320m long from south to north, 233m wide and has perimeter of 1107m.The wall is 6m tall made of fire bricks and the basis is 6m wide made of bar stone. It has an area of 70000sq.m with east gate, west gate and south gate that you can survey the whole city and sea at any house above the gate. There are Caizhu residence, Zhuchang department, Yanchang department and Ninghai temple in the pearl city. What's more interesting is the wall material contain pearls which also shows the prosperous of producing pearls. It was until the time the war against Japan taken place the city was destroyed. Only one rampart and south city gate left after revolution, and also destroyed in 1958. Now the site is ranked as provincial class culture relic protected unit. And a archaized Pearl booth is built in order to be admired by visitors.

>>Dongpo booth

It is located in Hepu normal collage, built in Qing dynasty. East of the booth there is Dongpo well, which is one of the four famous Lianzhou wells. There too is a story. It goes like this, Dongpo dig the well himself and after drinking the water in it the person who went to have national examine would have superscription on the gold list. Dongpo booth, just as its name implies, is built to memory the great poet Su Dongpo in Song dynasty. When he was 62 and was put into prison because of The Wutai Poem Case and was demoted from Guangzhou to Hainan island. He returned Hepu three years later and was warmly welcomed by Lianzhou personage Dengni, being arranged to stay in Qingyue lofty which with beautiful scenery. During 2 months he wrote many famous poem such as Lianzhou Longancan Compare with Lichee, Resting in Jingxing Temple in a Rainy Night, Notes of the Elders in Hepu and so on, which affect the local culture greatly. The poet died the next year and people built the booth where he lived before to memory him. The booth has been restored several times. The booth now stand there was repaired in 1944.
In the front face of the booth there is a carved image of Su Dongpo and "Left traces of the poet" letters above the image. His poems were carved there too.
The stele of the words "Dongpo booth" was written by the mastermind of Darong temple monk Tiechan in Guangzhou, in 1940s. In the cloister there are other famous poets' works.

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