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Welcome to Beihai!
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The traffic of Beihai City

BeiHai has a convenient transportation in land, sea and air. Every week there is almost 130 flights to HongKong and BeiJing, more than 50 regular ships and passenger liners. The highway traffics connect Guangxi and Guangdong province. As for the general communications, BeiHai is no worse than other developed citys.

The means to BeiHai

To Nanning then take train which set off at 15:50 and arrive at next day 06:42(94RMB per person for hard seat, 185 RMB per person for hard bed), then take K141 which set off at 05:30 and arrive at 09:30(22RMB per person for hard seat).
Everyday there are regular liners to Haikou and Weizhou island.At 18:00 there are liners set off from both Beihai and Haikou.10 hours voyage and 109 RMB for a person in four-person room,194 for two-person room. At 8:00 there are liners from Beihai to Weizhou Island, speed ship arrives at 9:40 and common ship 10:40. The returning speed liner starts at 15:00 and arrived at 16:10, common starts at 15:30 and arrives at 17:40.The price is 72RMB for speed ship and 40BMB for common.

External traffic

Aviation: Beihai Fucheng airport is 24km far form the center of city. Usually, it's more convenient to take plane from another pronvince. It costs you 30-40 yuan to take a taxi from the airport to the downtown city.

Railway: K140 train from Beihai to Chengdu starts at 14:28 and arrive at the third day 9:07, which pass Nanning, Liuzhou, Douyun, Guizhou, and Chongqing.

Road: Everyday there are speed air-conditioned couch to Nanning, 6:00-22:00, every half an hour a couch and it takes 3.5 hours to get there with 50 yuan a ticket. Every night in the passenger transport center, at 20:40 there is a couch to Guilin with 140 yuan a ticket and arrives within 7 hours. In automobile terminal, there are two couches to Guilin at 8 or 9 in the morning. You will be able to buy tickets whenever you get there for there are enough seats.

Water Carriage: Beihai has close trades with 98 countries and more than 216 ports. It has 4 berths over ten thousand tons, 16 berths below five thousand tons. The mian liners are Beihai-Haikou, Beihai-Guangzhou, Beihai-Tokyo, Beihai-Singapore and Beihai-Weizhou Island. To Haikou it takes 10 hours to the destination.40 yuan a person and 200 yuan for a two-person room. Everyday two liners set off to Weizhou Island at 8:30.
Common ship gets to the destination after 3 hours. (30 yuan for standing ticket, 35 for seat, 40 for bed) This liner will be back at 15:00. The speed liner cost 52 yuan a person and arrives within 70 minutes, returns at 16:30. You can buy ticket a day before.

Transportation of the city


Bus: The buses are clean and comfortable but few. The ticket is 1-1.5 yuan on usual. Cast when you get up. In the Northern bay square you can take No.3 bus to Silver beach, Qiao international port and couch terminal. After all, No.3 bus is the best choise to travel around the city, 2 yuan for ticket.

Tricycle: There are lots of tricycles in the city and it only costs you 2-5 yuan to any place you want to go. Besides, you can enjoy the scene along the streets. There is a special taxi called "Mo" taxi which costs 2-4 yuan and 8 yaun if you want to go to the Silver beach.

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